We absolutely love what we do, but what sets us apart is our years of experience and a deep understanding in this new game age. Believe us. We know the esports and gaming community better than any other agency. 


Live Broadcasting

LigaGame specializes in broadcast production at our in house production studio or on-site coverage live events for interactive live streamed esports tournaments & personalized streaming experience. With our experienced crews and high tech production equipments, you don't have to worry about buffering or low resolutions problem.


Content Production

We conceptualize and produce content that resonates within the gaming and esports communities, from storyboards for ads to highlights from events. When you work with Ligagame, you can request custom-built elements from graphics to talents. At the end of the day, we will ensure a unique and superior content to underline your message and maximize your presence. 


Marketing & Brand Activation

Need help amping up your brand? Esports might be the perfect solution for you. Ligagame is a marketing & consulting partner for endemic and non-endemic brands , who aim to engage with the esports community.

We have years of experiences in this fast growing industry, understanding the fundamental and in-depth of the esports landscape. We make sure to tell your story through a data-driven and innovative branding strategy to achieve a flawless end-to-end sponsorship plan.


Esports Arena

If you are thinking about setting up an esports event, we got the perfect site for you. Our arena is located in a centralized spot for easy access and the layout is carefully designed to give the best sensation for gamers and audience. Fully equipped with high performance gaming technology, lighting, video walls, and everything else you could think of to create the best eSports event experience. 


Influencer Activation

Over the years, we have worked with some of the original and key gaming influencers, streamers, shout casters, hosts, talents, and more that can help deliver & amplify your message to the right audience.

Through in-depth analysis and strategy, we can also assist you in creating & executing an ROI-focused influencer marketing campaign. Connecting brands with the right influencers is the key to an outstanding results. And that’s exactly what we do!


Event Organizer

Organizing an eSport event can be challenging. From venue sourcing to event promotion, there are tons of plannings to do. Let us take the hassle away! Whether the event is small or big, lasting hours or multiple days, we strive to bring satisfaction to the crowd and to our clients.

We have handled countless of professional esports competitions and exhibition with success. Make the next one be yours.


We Launch Esports Leagues Too!

We are known for our IES (Indonesia Esports Series), the biggest esports league in Indonesia, with every provinces within the multinational-state competing to win the main championship.

Our esports leagues consist of a series of competitive events, divided into multiple seasons. We meticulously plan all the tournament structures & operations, media coverage, weekly live streaming production and broadcasting, and the on-site grand final event.

WE know that success depends on the ability to stand out from the crowd.

The First Full-Service Esports Agency in Indonesia

Ligagame Esports adalah Media & Broadcasting Production Company tertua di Indonesia, dengan platform informasi seputar esports, games, dan live streaming yang bertujuan untuk mengembangkan industri esports Indonesia.

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