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Established in 2001, LigaGame is the first eSports company in Indonesia. As a team of avid gamers, we envisioned a community where gamers can unleash their passion and support each other.

In 2005, we launched the LigaGame eSports studio to meet the demands of online streaming from major eSports competitions. Today, we stand as the largest live broadcasting producer for eSports in Indonesia with millions of viewerships and reach. 

LigaGame Viewership

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After Years In The Making ...

Esports is changing the world of sports. The social stigma against gamers is being blown out of the water. It is now one of the fastest-growing industries. Millions of tickets sold. Tournaments fill arenas with cheers echoing. Major brands rushing to invest millions into the ecosystem.

People from around the world compete to become the world's professional gamers. Not just for the big bucks, the shiny cup, or the title. But also, the thrill of competing in an eSports tournament. 

We are proud. For more than 19 years, we have contributed a lot in building the future of eSports. And we are not stopping. 


Champions are won at practice. Staggering hours of gameplays. Countless losses. Restless days. Their desire and dedication don't just occur for a fleeting moment. And it is certainly not an easy grind. They deserve their stories to be told.

LigaGame provides opportunities for all players to compete and ultimately become a legend that they have dreamt of. And a powerful platform where millions can join and celebrate the triumph. 


The bottom line is that our entire mission is to create a chance for everyone to leave their mark in the eSports history. And we're not stopping here. Esports are only to continue to grow. Whether you are an amateur or a pro player, a fan or a spectacle, we want you to stand beside us. Together we build an eSports empire that we could never had imagined. 

A Look Inside LigaGame


Have Fun!

We love and believe in what we do. We live life to the fullest while aiming to make an impact through our passion and hard work.

Teamwork First

Esports is for everyone and everyone is different. We use this diversity to move forward and achieve greatness. Just like games - the key to success is a great teamwork!

Hungry for excellence

Everything is possible! We drive forward as team to exceed our own limit. Always set high standards, and celebrate the small and the big.

Change Is Constant

Just like everything else, eSports keeps on evolving. We stay agile and always seek for improvement. No two days are the same in LigaGame.

You Say It, You Do It

We do what we say we will do. If there's interference, we communicate and find other alternative approach.

The First Full-Service Esports Agency in Indonesia

Ligagame Esports adalah Media & Broadcasting Production Company tertua di Indonesia, dengan platform informasi seputar esports, games, dan live streaming yang bertujuan untuk mengembangkan industri esports Indonesia.

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